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Margaret Atwood Poetry

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margaret (eleanor) atwood (1939-)

Margaret Atwood has authored many works over the last thirty years, both poetry and prose. She was born in Ontario in 1939. She earned her master's degree at Harvard in the U.S., and is an avid supporter of Canadian Nationalism. She is well known for her feminist views and writings. Atwood has also been instrumental in helping Canadian Literature gain recognition.

Atwood began her impressive career writing poetry. Her first book of poetry "Double Persephone" was published in 1969 while she was 19 years old. She is probably best known for for her 1985 novel "A Handmaid's Tale". Her poetry and books leave the reader no doubt where she stands on the rights of women. She often writes about the different ways that women are oppressed and how they react to their circumstances. Atwood's literature is insightful for anyone interested in feminism. She is an amazing writer, bringing to life the many trials of being a woman in a man's world.

You Fit Into Me

"You fit into me
like a hook into an eye
A fish hook
An open eye"

Margaret Atwood

This is my personal favorite out of the Atwood poetry I have read. It can be interpreted in many ways. Some people find the poem to have a sexual meaning. I myself think it is meant as a personal experience, be it love or something else, that starts out beautiful and turns into something unkind or even brutal. Knowing how Atwood promotes feminism, I take it even further. I see the poem having meaning about the abuse of women, not necessarily physical. The poem is based on a metaphor. A hook and eye usually refers to a piece of hardware used to latch a door shut. Here, they reference a perfect fit. The hook is quickly turned into a weapon, and the open eye is vulnerable. The use of imagery (a hook into an open eye) creates a painful image in the readers mind. Atwood's tone may at first appear to be light and funny, but in the end it is sarcastic.
Atwood tops the list for newcomers to feminism and anyone who would like to delve futher into Women's Studies. A good place to start would be with her first book of poems, Double Persephone, published in 1969.
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